Why should we wrap nylon for types of block, brick and tile?


After production, block, brick and tile should be preserved  properly. Therefore, you should wrap nylon film for them.

What is the nylon film?

Nylon film (also called as PE film or shrink film) is a thermoplastic, which is constituted by associative series of Hydro  and etylen group. Nylon film can use for wrapping foods, goods or objects to protect them from exterior harmful agents such as mould, scratch, breakage, ect.

Why should we wrap nylon for block, brick and tile?

After production, block, brick and tile are stacked into bale (called as block bale, tile bale or block pallet, tile pallet), we should wrap nylon to preserve and maintain them from water, dust, mould, scratch and breakage in  storage and transportation.

You can wrap nylon by manual method. However, using nylon wrapping machine is the best way because wrapping film will be more stretched and tight, save 30% of nylon film and save labor cost.

Bọc màng nylon cho khối, gạch ngói

Wrap nylon film for concrete block

Concrete block is also called as unburnt brick or cement block. The main materials to produce are grind stone, thermolelectric slag and ashes, cement. Nowadays, concrete block are mainly produced by vibration presssing technology.

The reason for using nylon film: after forming, concrete block need water and wrap nylon to retain damp from 15 to 20 days. This is the wonderful condition to develop hardness of concrete block mixture.

Bọc nylon cho khối bê tông

Wrap nylon for aerated autoclaved concrete block  (AAC)

AAC block is also called as lightweight block or aerated autoclaved block, which is produced from mixture of quartz sand, limestone, gypsum, cement, water and air entraining agent. The material mixture is mixed together and poured into steel mould. Air entraining agent react limestone to create hollow holes and help concrete mixture swell before coalescence. When block begins to coalesce, they will be demoulded, cutted as required dimension and transferred to autoclave equipment. It helps block to develop hardness in high temperature and pressure environment.

Reason for using nylon film: After making finished products, AAC block must be wrap nylon film to store and ensure that humidity is lower 27% until construction.If block is wet, it is easy to crack wall when construction.

Bọc màng PE cho khối AAC

Wrap nylon film for clay brick

Clay brick is also called as tuynel brick, red brick). It is made from clay after forming, drying and baking. Brick is baked in many hours until finish.

Reason for using nylon film: when transporting to high building construction, clay brick must be wrap nylon to not collapse, break and cause danger.

Bọc màng co cho gạch đất sét

Wrap nylon film for tile

Color tile is also called as concrete tile or cement tile. The main materials to produce is the mixture of sand, cement and glass fiber. Motar mixture, after mixing is poured into a metal mould and compacted by wood mallet (manual production) or vibration by machine (industrial production). After that, it is cured, then painted by colors.

Reason for using nylon film: In construction material field, tile has high quality. To preserve in storage, transportation, tile must be wrap nylon film to protect from dust and scratch, ect.

Bọc màng nylon cho ngói

The above are the reasons we advise you to wrap nylon film for block, brick and tile. Nylon wrapping machine is designed specially by DMCLINE to wrap block, brick and tile. For more information, please kindly contact us via hotline (+84)975 08 6789.

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