Concrete Block Stacker

What is  DMC Concrete block stacker?

DMCLINE Concrete block stacker (also called as block Picker or cuber or block separating and gathering system or block picking and stacking robot, concrete block electronic machine) has been localized and transferred by Doan Minh Cong Joint Stock Company (DMC) since 2017. The product is certified as a scientific and technological product.

DMCLINE Concrete Block Stacker has been designed automatically from separating block, gathering block, gathering, tumbling and stacking pallet, then stacking block.

Reducing 70% of labor cost, this machine can stack over 30 block types (inlcuding building block and paver block), using for the machine with the capacity of over 10 million standard pieces.

DMCLINE Concrete block stacker, also called as DMCLINE block Picker or DMCLINE cuber can pick up over 50 block types. This is a sientific and technological product, 100% automation, low price, easy and stable operation, the capacity of 1500 pallets per shift, one (01) year warranty.

Contact 0975085689 to buy DMCLINE  Concrete Block Separation Machine, Separation Machine reduce 40% of labor cost, 100% automation, low price, easy operation, stable operation, 1500 pallet/shift capacity, One (1) year warranty. Scientific and technological product

Save over 30% of nylon when using DMCLINE nylon wrapping machine. This machine is made in domestic so it has a low price

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