Wall panel production line

Automatic wall panel production line

Automatic wall panel production line DMCLINE, which is also called as wall panel making machine, wall panel machine, wall panel system, operates as the extruding method and fully automate from feeding material to stack and package.

With many outstanding advantages such as quick construction, flexibility, lightweight, sound insulation, heat insulation, fire insulation, environmental friendliness, etc. wall panel will be a perfect material for construction in the future

Effort to access new technology, DMC has successfully manufactured the fully automatic wall panel production line with 2 models: Single lane and double lane, which has a high production efficiency and environmental protection and low cost.

We are ready to:

  • Consult fully about the investment procedures such as: Make the investment projects; Plan the factory; Organize the operating and manufacturing; Consult about ISO; Form the price list; Product conformity; etc.
  • Supply automatic wall panel production line with the capacity up to 000.000m2/year/line with a low initial cost investment, help customers approach the advanced production technology more easily.
  • Service policy 24/24, minimize the disruption production due to the faults. Therefore, reducing many types of operating cost such as the cost for depreciation, finance and labor, ect.

DMC commits to give the best products and services to customers, bring the maximum benefits to investors and achieve the success together.

Full automatic wall panel production line has modern technology. The productivity is 500.000m2 per year. 01-year warranty.

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