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Dây chuyền sản xuất khối bê tông DmCline D10 với công suất cao , “1 lần ép được 88 miếng khối rỗng, 1 giờ có thể ép được 7480 miếng khối rỗng”, tự động hóa từ cấp liệu đến xếp chồng , “sử dụng 07 công nhân vận hành”, máy tạo khối với tốc độ cao, bảo hành một (01) năm. Báo giá dây chuyền sản xuất Bê tông khối?

High quality concrete block production line with high pressure, 1 time can press 117 pieces of hollow block, 1 hour can press 9945 pieces of hollow block, Full automation, block making machine with high speed, “using 07 operation workers”, one (1) year warranty

Concrete block making machine, Concrete block casting machine, 42 million standard pieces per year warranty, combining 3 in 1 vibration and press, steadibility operation, “using 07 operation workers”, one (1) year warrantly.

DMCLINE Concrete block stacker, also called as DMCLINE block Picker or DMCLINE cuber can pick up over 50 block types. This is a sientific and technological product, 100% automation, low price, easy and stable operation, the capacity of 1500 pallets per shift, one (01) year warranty.

Contact 0975085689 to buy DMCLINE  Concrete Block Separation Machine, Separation Machine reduce 40% of labor cost, 100% automation, low price, easy operation, stable operation, 1500 pallet/shift capacity, One (1) year warranty. Scientific and technological product

Save over 30% of nylon when using DMCLINE nylon wrapping machine. This machine is made in domestic so it has a low price

Solid concrete block mould or tag concrete block. Easy production - high capacity. High compression strength, good waterproof performance. Using for foundation, bearing wall, insertion...

The block has from 2 to 6 holes and size according to the local. The block has the shape and size equivalent to clay brick. The block has a hard production and requires mould with high precision. Using for wall, partition for civil building.

Interlocking block is known as a versatile paving material. High aesthetics, diversity in style, size and color. Paver concrete block helps drainage and anti-slip. Using for pavement, parking-lot, port area.

Cement tiles making machine with wet pressing technology, high quality. Maximum pressing force up to 240T, the capacity of 2 million m2/year. Quick tile making machine, leading reputable brand, Dedicated consultancy. Thoughtful warrranty

Cement tile making machine with high quality, leading prestigious brand. Maximum press force up to 160T, quick tile making machine “ producing 3840 pieces/shift”, “ using 04 operation workers”. 01 year warranty.

Cement tile mold with best price, high quality, high durability, leading reputation brand. Design the mould as customer’s requirements, produce within 15 days, thoughtful warranty

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Reputable brand

Over 10 years of experience in the mechanical manufacture and transfering the production line to hundreds of customers in nationwide.


Dedicated consultancy

The experienced engineers, most accurate consultant, answer all of the related questions, support investors in making decision.

Modern Technology

Apply the advanced technology in design and manufacture, reducing labor cost, improving production efficiency.

Thoughtful warranty

Timely warranty policy, handle errors arising during the operation at the enterprise quickly.

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