Automatic fly ash pelletizing machine

Fly ash pelletizing machine

Fly ash pelletizing machine (also called as fly ash pelletizer or fly ash process equipment) is used for producing fly ash particles from by-products from thermal power plants. The machine is operated according to the method of the spinning disc on the tilt axis, with speed from 25 to 40 r/m.

Fly ash is mixed with cement and additives, then being transferred to pelletizer to create particles with size from 2,5 to 20mm and intensity up to 46 MPA. Fly ash pellets are applied to aggregates in commercial concrete, salt-resistant concrete, high strength concrete, concrete block, wall panel, etc.

Every year, thermal power plants in our country discharge more than 10 million tons of slag ash. In 2020, it can be up to 20 million tons of slag ash per year. Therein, fly ash is accounted 75-80% the amount of slag ash. If there is no thorough treatment solution, it will seriously pollute the soil, water and air environment.

Since 2019, DMC has cooperated with the Tropical Building Materials Research and Application Institute - Construction University in researching and manufacturing fly ash pelletizing machine successfully, with 2 model: semi-automatic and automatic.

We are ready to:

  • Consult fully about the investment procedures such as: Make the investment projects; Plan the factory; Organize the operating and manufacturing; Consult about ISO; Form the price list; Product conformity; etc.
  • Supply fly ash pelletizing machine with the capacity up to 100.000m3/year/line with a low initial cost investment, help customers approach the advanced production technology more easily.
  • Service policy 24/24, minimize the disruption production due to the faults. Therefore, reducing many types of operating cost such as the cost for depreciation, finance and labor,…

DMC commits to give the best products and services to customers, bring the maximum benefits to investors and achieve the success together.

Low price fly ash pelletizing machine with high quality. 01 year warranty. Fly ash palletizer manufacturer?

Máy vê viên tro bay tự động hoàn toàn, năng suất 100.000m3/năm/dây chuyền. Dịch vụ tư vấn tận tâm, bảo hành chu đáo. Báo giá máy vê viên tro bay?

Full automatic fly ash pelletizing machine with productivity up to 100.000m3/year/line. Dedicated consultancy and thoughtful warranty. Quotation of fly ash pelletizing machine?

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