Instructions for repairing electrical and hydraulic systems in the concrete block production line


The electrical and hydraulic system plays a key role in concrte block production line. It controls the equipment in the line by PLC. To ensure the stability of equipment, you should maintain regularly and repair timely to advoid the damages.

 The automatic concrete block production line

The automatic concrete block production line

Maintain and repair the electric system in concrete block production line

In the concrete block production factory, to ensure the stability of electrical system, weekly, you need to:

Clean the electrical cabinet: Use a brush tool and a compressed – air gun to spray dust inside and outside the electrical cabinets.  

Check the point contacts of line: During cleaning process of the electrical cabinet, you have to check the point contact to overcome timely.

Avoid dampness: Do not leave the electrical cabinet in a humid environment or near an area with water, it will cause a fire.


The electrical and hydraulic mechanism is good, but the machine does not work

PLC program does not work or work tumbledownly

You need to notify the technicans to check and repair

Electrical motor cannot start up or rotate slowly or heat unusally

Turn off machine and check some positions such as conductor, circuit breaker, relay, motor for overload or short-circuit or not

Check and adjust voltage or replace other part if any
The line is working properly but one of the 3 headlights is not on.Burn the headlight or break the electric wire connecting to headlightReplace the headlight or connect the wire again
In the position of cruise switch, the moving part does not go all the way or cause a strong impact.The cruise switches are damaged or run out of the specific positionReplace or adjust the cruise switches


 The commons errors of electric system in the concrete block making machineThe common errors of the electric system in the concrete block production line

Maintain and repair the hydraulic system in the concrete block production line

The key role of the hydraulic system in the concrete block production line is controlling the lifting and pressing stroke. You need to follow some basic principles to operate the system stably and increase equipment life.

Do not use oil contaminated with water: If the hydraulic oil contaminates much water, it will be oxidized quickly and lost many basic features such as lubricity, anti-corrosion, anti-rust capacity, etc.

Change oil when it run out of viscosity: After a long time, oil can alchemize, the additive agent is escaped significantly, the oil is contaminated. It affects to the lubricity capacity. Therefore, you need to change oil. The time of changing oil depends on the working time of machine and the quality of hydraulic oil.

Do not let the oil get dirty: Hydraulic oil contaminated with dust, grit will damage seals, cylinders, pumps. Normally, the particles of grit and dirt that get into the oil are due to your carelessness during cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, when cleaning the hydraulic system, you need to be very careful.

The electrical part still work but having some strange sound or hydraulic part does not workIt can from adapter, propeller pump, pressure pump or damaged hydraulic motor

Check the pump, valve, cylinder or joint and overcome the errors

The electrical motor rotates, the machine has a strange sound, the hydraulic system does not work


* Lack of oil in the adapter

* The damaged motor makes a sound

* The propeller pump is broken propeller

* Check and add hydraulic oil

*Check and replace the ball for motor

*Repair or replace the pump

The pump and electric motor still work but do not make pressure

* Động cơ điện quay không đúng chiều quay

* Bơm áp lực bị hỏng, không tạo áp lực.

* The electric motor rotates in the wrong direction of rotation

* The pressure pump is damaged and cannot make pressure.

* Reverse motor rotation

* Change the pressure pump

Hydralic oil is leaked out of the joint headDue to the process of running the machine creates vibration, so the connector is loose.You just need to tighten the connections


The common errors of the hydraulic system in concrete block production line

The common errors of the hydraulic system in concrete block production line

The company repairs the electrical and hydraulic system in concrete block production line

With more than 14 experiened years in the market of manufacturing and transferring concrete block production line, we commit to customer as below:

1. Accurately diagnose the damages, the cause of the damages and take the optimal solutions, in order to save costs and achieve the highest efficiency.

2. Repair quickly, the spare parts are available, meet the need of production timely.

3. Offer the best price

4. The warranty service is same to genuine compared to equivalent services

5. Ready to consult and support customer at all time.

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