Cement tile mould

Specification Corrugated tile Flat tile
Dimension 424x335 mm 484x320x10 mm
Useful area 363x305 mm 363x305 mm
The number of tile/m2 9 9
Average weigth/tile 3.4 kg 3.8 kg
Average weigth/m2 30.6 kg 34.2 kg
Color Customize Customize
Contact to order +84 975 08 6789

Introduce about cement tile mould


Cement tile mould, also called as tile mould, cement tile mold, is an important part, mounted in cement tile making machine to form cement tile. It decides the quality as well as aesthetics of cement tile.

Cement tile mould DMCLINE is manufactured by special purposed steel with modern technology. So that, It has a high quality, meet the special requirements such as The inner layer of steel must be malleable to prevent impact, the outer layer of the steel must be hard to prevent abrasion.

Structure of cement tile mould

Structure of cement tile mould

Some popular cement tiles

  • Flat tile and accessories

Flat tile and accessories

  • Corruagted tile and accessories
    Corrugated tile and accessories

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