Brand philosophy



DMC Durable than all;

Master the technology line.


We propose the target in 2025 will become the leading brand in researching, manufacturing and transferring the technology line of producing non-fired materials in Vietnam and at the same time affirm our reputation in worldwide.


Our operation targets are developing the green technology and green material, distributing to protect environment. Along with that, we are pioneering in researching and creating to bring the preeminent technical solutions, desire to promote the sustainability development of non-fire building material production industry.

Core values

Commitment: DMC commits to bring the preeminent products and devote to customer service.

Innovation: DMC pursues the target of continuous creation and innovation, improving our working skill, innovating production process and enhancing management capacity to manufacture the products with outstanding quality.

Collaboration: DMC builds and maintains the close cooperative relationship with suppliers, shares together with customers, connects members in enterprise for the common benefits

Community: DMC efforts to create jobs, distributes to improve social security and promote the sustainable development of non-fired building material production community.

Integrity: DMC upholds the spirit of “daring to speak, daring to do, daring to take responsibility”, “speaking together with doing”, all are for common benefits


Dear esteemed customers,

First of all, DMC would like to send you our respectful greetings.

Doan Minh Cong Joint Stock Company (DMC.,JSC) is the pioneering enterprise in designing, manufacturing and transferring the technology line of producing non-fired building materials in Vietnam, including: Concrete block production line; Terrazzo tile making machine; Roof tile making machine; Wall panel making machine; Concrete block stacker and Nylon wrapping machine. Besides, we also support to consult investment procedures such as: Plan the customer’s factory; Organize to test run and train workers; ISO 9001-2015; Support calculation and construction of product price lists; Product conformity; etc.

With more than ten years of experience accompanying in the development of non-fired building material industry and the spirit of continuous creation and innovation to find out the best preeminent solutions, we succeed in transferring over 100 projects of producing concrete block in nationwide.

With our experience, we are confident to bring the satisfaction to customers. We commit to supply the products and services with the best quality as well as bring the maximum benefits to investors.


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